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Download the App!

NOTE: this is just the BinTally user app.  You will need to be subscribed and have access to the Web Portal to set up a site and generate a QR code poster.  To access the Web Portal press the "Log In" button in the menu bar.


Search "bintally" in the Play Store
or click download below

Apple IOS

Search "bintally" in the App Store
or click download below

Try it out now..

Once you've downloaded the app you can test it using the QR code on this page.

It's easy.

  1. ​Scan the code

  2. Count the bins

  3. Press submit

QR code dummy.jpg

User Guides

Site User Guide

This is for site user administration.  Details on how to set up your site, input bin systems and download the QR code poster

App User Guide

This is a quick guide for the app users.  Those who will actually be doing the bin tallying.

QR Code Poster - Sample

This a live sample QR Code Poster.  If you don't have an account with us yet, you can download this poster to test out the app.

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